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Who We Are

Monx Design House is an event marketing firm creating experiential and integrated marketing events to enhance brands and bring marketing messages to life. Our talented team has over a decade of experience with creative roots in marketing, fashion, theater, creative arts, graphics, sales and management. Our goal is to curate memorable events that engage.

Monique Johnson

Founder/event design & marketing

Event design, marketing and production is a passion! From collaborating on strategy and goals to the final event experience every aspect has its challenge and reward and I enjoy moving through the process with clients to ensure their project meets their expectations and more.

Monique is driven by her curiosity and commitment to the arts and education intertwined within the corporate arena. Her amazing husband and children fill life with love, support and adventure. Monique holds a BS in Fashion Merchandising and professional certifications in event design, planning, and marketing.

Robin O'Neill

Creative/event planner

Design and production are life obsessions. From the initial idea to the culmination of plan, the process is what I enjoy most! Working to get the final product that captures the vision the clients project, to me, is the best part. The moment of “Yes, that’s it, that is what I want!” Is my goal.

Robin’s inspiration is fueled by her love for her husband and three children, and her love of theater set production, and interior design. She holds a BS in Human Development and Family Studies, Speech Communication and Sociology. Prior to joining Monx, she ran stage crews for multiple small stage productions, and events for state and regional multi-state sporting competitions.

What We Do

We design live experiences that capture the moment and make a lasting impression. We believe in creatively changing ‘normal and routine.’ We understand the event marketing strategy of pairing the right corporate partner with the unique nonprofit investment. We utilize our in-house teams and partners to craft and produce your special projects.

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Welcome Party

An evening under the stars

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Case Study

Country Club Wedding

A spectacular ballroom over the club pool

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